Mona Clark

In 2001, Mona Clark had throat cancer and a malignant tonsil, which required extensive radiation treatments. In 2015, Mona started to experience the effects of long-term radiation including the possibility of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Since she needed to have a tooth extracted, her oral surgeon suggested hyperbaric oxygen treatment so she could properly heal. Being extremely claustrophobic, Mona struggled with the thought of a mono-chamber (single person chamber) so she researched multi-person chambers and found the Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, the only multi-person chamber in the region.

Mona is in the process of undergoing 20 treatments before her tooth extraction and finds the chambers to be spacious, comfortable and relaxing. She enjoys sitting with other patients in the chamber and sharing stories. Mona and Ron find the staff from the CEO to the hyperbaric team to be “Best in the world” and she is thankful to the doctors, nurses and staff for their compassion.