Phyllis Beattie

psl , spine


Phyllis was born an artist. She starting producing art pieces at 4-years-old and hasn’t stopped. One of her proudest pieces is the bronze monument in front of the main Presbyterian/St. Luke’s entrance. She states, “My goal for the piece was to make people feel good when they enter and enable patients to identify with one of the figures.” In doing what she loves, Phyllis started getting stiffness in her neck from arthritis and was diagnosed with stenosis. After researching physicians online, Phyllis discovered Dr. Woosik Chung at the Denver International Spine Center (DISC) at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center. Dr. Chung recommended non-surgical solutions first including strengthening the muscles around the spine and neck, refraining from high impact activities, stretching exercises and managing her pain through ice, exercise and anti-inflammatories. Thanks to these tactics, the progression of the disease has slowed and no surgical intervention was required. Phyllis is happy, pain-free and back to doing what she loves.

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