Robert Young

For the past six months, Robert Young battled severe acid reflux and heartburn when sleeping to the point of puking, gagging and sometimes even passing out. After seeking medical care in South Dakota, they weren’t getting anywhere besides medications so they called Dr. Kevin Rufner in Denver.

After running a series of tests, Dr. Rufner stated that Robert’s acid reflux was the worst case he’d ever seen and he referred him to Dr. Tony Canfield, general surgeon at the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s (P/SL). Four weeks ago, Dr. Canfield performed a robotic hiatal hernia and rebuilt the sphincter at the bottom of his esophagus. Robert is no longer experiencing any acid reflux or heartburn. Robert and his wife, Jennifer, are incredibly grateful to the staff at P/SL for their understanding, communications and urgency to get them in and out for tests so they could drive back to South Dakota. Robert states, “We wouldn’t go anywhere else for our medical care.”

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