Samuel LeFebre

Samuel LeFebre grew up loving music. He plays the drums, guitar and follows closely in his father’s musical footsteps. In the past few years, Samuel’s love of music declined due to the pain and lack of mobility he was suffering in his wrist. He could barely move it and his pain was so severe, he required narcotics to manage it. He had a large tumor in the end of his radius, one of the bones in the forearm that connects to the wrist, which was diagnosed as a giant cell tumor of the bone. After meeting with physicians in the Pueblo area, he became quite depressed hearing amputation was his only option. Researching other possibilities, he was referred to the team at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL).

He began treatment with Dr. Ioana Hinshaw, medical oncologist with Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, to shrink the tumor which was 10cm in size. Dr. Cynthia Kelly, orthopedic oncologist with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at P/SL, removed the tumor and Dr. William Brown, plastic surgeon with the Institute for Limb Preservation at P/SL, harvested the fibula and reconstructed the wrist. The goals were clear; to remove the tumor, preserve his hand, and maintain as much function as possible. Samuel is doing great post surgery. Thanks to this operation, he will be able to return to music and hold his young family once again.