Sharley Nigh

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Sharlet Nigh’s son, Steven, was born prematurely weighing just one pound seven ounces and required a G-tube for feeding assistance. Because he was a special needs child, the G-tube was important for Steven to obtain the nutrients he needed but since reaching adulthood and a greater level of self-sufficiency, it was decided that the G-tube could be closed.

That is when they sought the expert care of Dr. Tony Canfield, general surgeon at the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s. In October 2017, Steven underwent a successful surgery. Once he recovered, Steven and Sharlet were referred to the Wound Care Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s until the wound was completely closed. Sharlet was very impressed with the teamwork and coordinated care between Dr. Canfield and the Wound Care Team. Sharlet states the teams were so kind to Steven, stating, “They really loved him.”

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