Steve Johnson

psl , robotics


Steve Johnson is an active outdoorsman. From his college days as an oarsman to his extensive biking commutes, Steve found himself always on the go until he was plagued by a series of reoccurring hernias, many of which were bilateral. Facing his seventh hernia repair, Steve was determined to make it his last one. He visited four surgeons before meeting and selecting Dr. Tony Canfield, Medical Director and Robotic Surgeon at the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke's (P/SL), for his surgery. With six prior surgeries as his reference point, Steve was in awe of the recovery time. Just one day post surgery he was standing up straight and less than four weeks post surgery, he was back to biking 60+ miles. He is thankful to Dr. Canfield and the team at P/SL and optimistic this will be his last hernia repair.