Vicki Pennington

Several years ago, Vicki Pennington began to suffer from pain and discomfort associated with a woman’s health issue, so she consulted her OB/GYN of 10 years, Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim with the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL). After exploring several nonsurgical options, Dr. Guggenheim determined a robotic hysterectomy would be best since it is less invasive, has smaller incisions and quicker recovery time. Also during the same surgery, Dr. Tony Canfield, general surgeon at the Center for Robotic Surgery at P/SL, performed a liver biopsy.

Vicki was impressed with the team at P/SL from start to finish stating, “The nurses were outstanding and made me feel right at home. Everyone had my best interest at heart and wanted me to feel comfortable and safe.”

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